Bike Bulgaria
Well here’s a little review from me as a returning customer of Bike Bulgaria, I hope that it helps you to gain some insight into what you are thinking of joining (its not just a biking holiday, its an exclusive club), you won’t regret it.


Well, from my very first step Bike Bulgaria were amazingly helpful, this ranged from helping to find the best flight price as I had no real idea of what a good price was, here Ian assured me and even kept me updated when prices fell so i could make the booking at the best price.


Nothing is too much trouble here, we were greeted with a smiling face as Bike Bulgaria collect and return you in a timely manner . Then the holiday really starts once you jump onboard the ‘Happy bus’ , here we were greeted with a beer (or water if you are allergic to beer) and a smile, the laughs and fun started right there and didn’t stop. Even the return, as sad as it is to leave, was full of laughs. I’m a Miserable Ole Git ‘MOG’ and even i didn’t stop laughing all week long !


Accommodation and bike storage
All good here, yes its a lads biking holiday, no frills, well its not a 5 star holiday with the misses, this is all about a comfy bed, somewhere to wash and eat and nice friendly people and we got all of that. Personally, I haven’t tried out the local hotels as I stayed at the base for Bike Bulgaria ‘HQ’ and it was brilliant there. You’ll see the benefits of the HQ regardless, as I expect that your bike wil be kept in the secured workshop where you can fiddle with fiddly bike things and kick tyres as much as you like, here you can make endless excuses of why your performance was below par on the days ride, always blame the bike, it can’t answer back after all. ‘pressures were too low/high’, ‘the heat caused my suspension to fade’, ‘my valve cap was loose’ you know the stuff :o)
There are hire bikes available too, i always take my own but a hire bike can be the perfect excuse for your poor riding performance, ‘i am getting used to the bike’, ‘the seat was too low’ etc


The local town
Surrounded by what I’ll call the ‘real Bulgaria’ where you’ll see real live locals, the town is modern with all the facilities that you’ll need it still holds its culture for sure, its really NOT a pace full of false imported tourism.
Welcoming is how I describe it, a lovely town square surrounded by a host of eating places and bars, you’ll love it. Its commercialised to the right level and maintains it’s culture and attraction, its hard to describe but is clearly frequented by the locals and tourists alike. Whilst there are plenty of establishments selling beer, you won’t find any drunken louts around every corner, its just not that type of place, its ‘safe’ and ‘welcoming’ the people are truly friendly


Cheap and superb….. perhaps £10 for a full meal with a couple of beers ! lots of choice……. be warned . the salad starters could feed an army !


The rides
A great variety of rides across the week with a break midweek where you can either relax or work with Bike Bulgaria to plan a day away from riding; sight seeing, a water park, shopping or just a relaxing walk around the town and to the local beach, its up to you. Back to the rides, well I’m a larger than life kind of bloke who likes a laugh, i ride a couple of times a week and all i can say is that the rides are great, certainly long enough to tire most people out but for me just right. The rides are absolutely XC, if you’re looking at DH then look elsewhere as this isn’t what Bike Bulgaria is about. I found that when I returned home that my Strava times were much improved as a result of the holiday, an added bonus for sure :o) , yes its not all about Strava, i know that but you’ll be faster !!


We rode through forests, alongside beaches, over the hillsides, along cliff tops and had such fun. Each ride took us to a new place, some starting at the HQ and others required a short drive out of perhaps 30 mins max , the rides are broken into what I’d call sections, some out in the middle of almost nowhere and others just to take in views of the natural beauty or local culture. We saw a host of wildlife during our rides, shepherds, cattle even a few tortoises as we rode along, of course you need to be respectful and yes there are dangers as you’d expect but those pesky snakes are few and far between anyhow, go too slow on a climb and you may gather an audience of flies, so just pedal over 3mph and you’ll be just fine !! no excuses !! The rides will take you out to somewhere to stop for an hour or two, to a beach or a real Bulgarian village , here we had food a drink and refilled our water bladders for the return ride


1. Bike Bulgaria will help you throughout and will be sure to keep you smiling
2. They have a bike workshop which is very much available to use, there’s even a bike wash !
3. Food and beer is as cheap as chips
4. Rides are XC focussed
5. Its sunny , don’t forget to take a water bladdered back pack
6. Guaranteed laughs all week long
7. Breathtaking scenery and experience the culture
8. Enjoy !! you will ………….
9. Try to beat my Strava time on the vineyard descent, go on give it a go
10. Have you booked yet ? do it today an stop thinking about it, life’s too short and you’ll have the time of your life ………
11. All booked now ? nice one …..
12. Don’t forget to sort some insurance just in case, its only around £40ish for Dogtag or similar, i do it for peace of mind but you don’t have to of course