Q: What riding kit do I need to bring with me?

A: Bulgarian Summers are warm and sunny, therefore padded shorts and short sleeved tops are ideal. A helmet is a must and we recommend gloves and sunglasses. A Camelback type bladder system is really useful to. Just in case of a shower, bring a lightweight shower proof jacket.


Q: Do I need holiday insurance?

A: We recommend you apply for the NHIC card which replaced the old E111 card, which is free of charge. However we also insist that you take out private holiday insurance just in case! You will need to inform them that you are going on a mountain bike holiday.


Q: I’m thinking of bringing my own bike, any tips or advice?

A: A specific bike bag or a good strong bike box from your local bike shop are ideal to transport it in. Bring some spare tubes and a rear mech hanger if you have one. Also you will need a 1 Euro coin when you land in Bulgaria for a luggage trolley! If you need a hand to build your bike back up, we are here to help.


Q: What’s the dress code of an evening in Obzor?

A: Casual attire of an evening is fine, shorts and a t-shirt are acceptable. Make sure you bring swimming costumes and a beach towel. Sun tan cream is also a good idea. It is worth bringing a warm top just in case it gets a bit cooler late evening.


Q: What deposit do I need to pay on booking?

A: We ask for a £50 per person deposit to be paid when you book just for confirmation. This can be paid directly into our U.K. Bank account to avoid any transfer charges. The remaining balance we prefer in cash Stirling when you arrive. This avoids you paying exchange rates and bank fees.


Q: Can I buy energy gels, bars or electrolyte powders in Obzor?

A: They are not available here yet but there is a good range of nutty bars, Haribo and fruit available. If you use energy products we suggest you bring them with you.


Q: Are there any banks in Obzor?

A: There are two banks here which both have cash machines that are safe to use and in numerous languages including English. It is easy to change money at the bank, you just need your passport with you.


Q: How bike fit do I need to be?

A: Previous visitors have had a broad range of abilities and fitness levels from racing snake to beginner. We cater for all abilities, so you need not worry about whether you’re going to enjoy it. We would say you’ll have the most fun if you get a few rides in back home before you come out just to help your bike fitness.


Q: I ride a lot of trail centres in the UK like Llandegla, Coed-Y-Brenin and The Chase, how does what you offer compare to these?

A: If you ride trail centres then you will love Bulgaria. The trails here are fast and flowing but all natural and not man made so they can throw up some real surprises! There is something for everyone with single tracks, berms, jumps and rock gardens but all made by nature and not man!


Q: Is wifi available in Obzor?

A: There is free wifi at the hotel and most of the bars and restaurants also offer free wifi. We also have wifi available at our base so no problem remaining in touch with home or uploading those all important Strava times!


Q: My partner is a more experienced rider than I am, will this be a problem?

A: A If there is a big difference in speed, then we would normally split into two groups so everyone can ride at a pace they are comfortable with. There are some steeper technical sections but we always have an alternative option in case you aren’t comfortable with them.


Q: What airlines fly to Bourgas or Varna?

A: Skyscanner is a good comparison site or drop us an email with your departure airport and we’ll have a look and see what we can find.


Q: I’m a vegetarian, are there veggie options available at restaurants?

A: There is plenty of vegetarian options at all the restaurants in Obzor. As Ian is also a vegetarian he will be able to point you in the right direction.


Q: Should I bring my own bike or hire one of yours?

A: A We always say you will be more comfortable on your own bike. This can be an advantage as you will feel more confident from the very beginning on a bike you ride on a regular basis. However if you don’t want the hassle of transporting your bike, then a hire bike is a good alternative. We have a choice of 26″ and 29″ Hardtails which are great on our XC trails.


Q: Should we change money into Lev before we come or wait till we get there?

A: The exchange rate is always better out here than in the UK. There are two banks in Obzor, both with cash machines in English. Although Bulgaria is in the EU, they prefer their own currency, the Lev to the Euro.