No week is ever the same, depends on the group’s experience, ability and wishes we taylor make the choice of routes.

Our trails are XC but include some long descents. We ride through a variety of environments from oak forest, high grass plains and coastal vineyards.


Our trails

Day 1 Obzor

On your first morning after breakfast, we collect you in the minibus and take you back to our base. For the first hour its about sorting out your bikes in the sunshine and getting all the kit ready. We set off and do a short easy climb to wake your legs up and then have a nice Forest section with an intresting downhill and some fast flowing trails through the trees. We see how everybody is doing at this stage and have a couple of different options for the remaining pedal into Obzor. Lunch is at a restaurant in the main square sat out in the sunshine. Once finished we have a quick explore of Obzor and points of interest and then a short ride along the front. Bit of climbing starts here as we head back inland and tackle the infamous graveyard climb! At the top are the most stunning views of Obzor and Byala and the coastline. From here the real fun starts with tunnel descent, a great piece of singletrack that goes on for ever all the way to the other side of Obzor. Its then a nice cross country pedal across the meadows before we cross a ford and have the stony climb back up to Priscilcia. As reward for that short climb we go down a new piece of singletrack which can be fast and techy or slow and steady, you decide! A short stop in Popovich to refuel and then again we have a couple of different routes for the remaining 7km back to our base, we see how you are all feeling and let you decide.

Total Descent 900m (2700ft) Total Distance 47km


Day 2 Firewater

Once again we collect you from the hotel after your breakfast and we come back to our base to start the ride. We head out to a trail the locals call 20km, its actually only 7km but it must have felt further when they were walking it! Its a nice steady climb through a tunnel of trees before we reach the Solnik road. A quick road spin of a kilometre before we head back into the forest with another short climb to the top of the ridge line. Now the fun starts with a long and very fast descent to see the 8th wonder of the world! We can’t say any more or it won’t be a surprise! From there it is a quick spin into the town of Dolni Chiflik for a refreshment stop and a bit of sunshine. Its a steady pedal back through the Oak forest to reach the top of the ridge line again. From here we ride into Solnik for an ice cream stop before we start the final 10km descent back into the Dyulino valley and back to our base. We try to get you back a bit earlier this day so we can go into Obzor, have a drink at the beach bar and a splash in the Black Sea.

Total Descent 873m ( 2620ft) Total Distance 47km


Day 3 Shkorpilovtsi

Today we pick you up from the hotel but with your bikes already loaded on the minibus and drive 5km up the road to Byala where we park. From here it is a very fast descent to Paradise beach and a great photo opportunity. This is one of the best beaches in Bulgaria and although very poor road access it is very popular with back packers. From sea level we have to gain height with a couple of short but steeper climbs. We pass through a very small village called St Martino before the fun begins. This is our favourite descent, fast flowing trails with natural berms thrown in, mountain biking utopia! Then its a visit to the bar at Long Beach and what a lunch stop this is. As its the third day of riding, we make this a long lunch, everyone has time to have a swim in the sea, a couple of drinks and some great food. When we can eventually get you all back on your bikes its a quick stop for water and an ice cream before the climb back out from the beach. A quick lung buster to start but soon levels out with some spectacular views of the coast and where you have just come from. Some fast flowing forest trails with a good chance to see wild boar to the village of Goritsa. From here we head pretty quickly on to Vineyard descent. This is a hard packed trail with some great natural jumps thrown in for the more adventurous. Finally when we reach the bottom, it is a lovely 1.5km climb back upi to the minibus, but as you have a rest day tomorrow it makes it that bit easier.

Total Descent 786m (2358ft) Total Distance 35km


Day 4 Rest Day

No riding today, a chance to sit on the beach or go and explore. There is a local bus service to the cities of Varna or Bourgas for some site seeing. There are also numerous Aqua-parks in Sunny Beach which is about an hour away, again buses stop there or local taxi’s can be arranged for you.


Day 5 Kozichino

Today we start from our base in Dyulino and head off along the Dyulino valley to get your legs working after your rest day. We go through the village of Kosnitsa and do a short field climb before heading into the Oak forest for another section of climbing. After a nice long technical descent we cross the river and get nice cool feet, before we start to climb through open land to the top of the ridgeline overlooking the village of Kozichino. You will really get an idea this morning just how vast this beautiful country is with stunning views for miles and not a person to be seen. We have seen Golden Eagles up here virtually every ride we did last year. We drop into Kozichino but not before heading down a great section of singletrack before tackling the river rock garden. After a quick refreshment stop in the local shop we head back along the ridge line with great views of Sunny Beach and Bourgas.A little bit of a climb brings us up to the mast which is the highest point of the week. From here there is only one way and that is down, big and fast down! There is a great singletrack line down, just point, follow and let it go. Once the bottom of the valley is reached we then have the most challenging climb of the week to get back out the valley. It’s not long but the steepness makes up for the shortness! We reach the top in the village of Rokovskovo and then it is one last fun descent to Dyulino. We like to have a quick beer stop in the village before reaching our base.

Total Descent 965m ( 2900ft) Total Distance 44km


Day 6 Sunny Beach

For your last full days riding, we again collect you in the minibus with your bikes already loaded. A short drive of 15 minutes to Irakli Beach. We pedal off from here with some off road climbing until we reach the road up to Emona. However when we say road, it was last tarmaced in 1952 so there isn’t much left! With a couple of singletrack surprises before we reach Emona just to add some fun! After a well earned cold drink at the bar in Emona it is an out and back ride to St Vlas which is the start of Sunny Beach. This is an old Roman road and you can still see evidence of it in places. It is also rocky and gnarly with some great chances to get big air. Lots of fast downs and short ups, there is lots to thank the Romans for! We also do a secluded beach stop and some great view points where we have seen Dolphins swimming in the Black Sea on more than one occasion. You will know when we arrive at Sunny Beach, the noise is the first thing you will hear and then the concrete jungle appears from no where. After a nice lunch stop on the beach front, its back on the bikes and the final ride back begins. Although the same heights coming as going back it always seems harder this direction. The great views and cool sea breeze however help take your mind off the climbs. We head straight back through Emona before the mornings climb becomes the afternoon descent. What a descent it is to finish on. This is fast in place and technical in others but brilliant fun all the way back down to the bus. Before loading the bikes we go down to the best beach bar in Bulgaria for a couple of cold un’s and a dip in the Black Sea. This has to be the best finish to any ride ever!!!

Total Descent 950m ( 2850ft) Total Distance 40km


Day 7

Depending on flight times and what people prefer to do, we sometimes have the option of a quick morning spin from our base. We can and do a couple of local trails which are fast and flowing with a few interesting bits in. Then it is just a case of packing the bikes back up and the trip to the airport. Or if you prefer a few hours on the beach and a couple of beers before we collect you to go to the airport. The choice is yours!


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